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Welcome to Divine Feminine Arts Certificate Program!

The Divine Feminine Arts Certificate Program is a deep self-rediscovery process, which allows students to return to our pure and sacred identity and unleash the immense healing, ecstatic and creative power that resides in each woman. Become the radiant, warm, sensual, creative, wise and passionate beacon of light that you were born to be. Learn how to bring the vital healing to other women and lead others with Divine Feminine Flow™, dynamic unique practice which supports a woman to stay and expand in her sensual vibrancy and have a mastery of her energies. These are just a few immediate benefits of the program -

leadingLeading with Passionate Vision – The Goddess Way
deep core sexual healingDeep, Core Sexual Healing & Sensual Awakening
KnowingKnowing how to Face, Handle and Transmute Darknesssacred danceLearning the Sacred Art of Dance, Singing and Touch
HormonalHormonal Balancing, PMS Alleviation
sacred danceNatural Breast Care and Rejuvenation

leadingVaginal Muscles Retuning and Balancing
leadingPurification of Ancestral Karma
leadingInitiating Your Partner into Conscious Sexuality
leadingManifesting Fulfilling Work and Relationships
leadingBecoming a Part of a Powerful Sisterhood of WomenleadingCertificate to Lead Divine Feminine Flow

Call for Divine Feminine...

In the past decades, women gained social and intellectual freedom - coming closer and closer to having an equal opportunity with men. This is truly phenomenal. We've come a long way. We occupy executive positions, meditate, do yoga, and say the word “vagina” without blushing. A lot has been gained and a lot of ground has been covered. But the price was high.

Our jaws are clenched, the perceptions of our bodies are cut off, our hands are cold, our hugs are cautious, our breath is shallow. We've forgotten how to relax into warm feminine sensual energy, how to trust nature, how to know what we feel, how to live from our intuition, how to make fire, how to cook together, how to sing at weddings, births and funerals, how to create and lead meaningful rituals for our partners, families and tribes. Those simple things – we've forgotten.

For thousands of years women have been bringing deep loving connection to every being on Earth, serving as channels of the great Goddess. It is time for us to remember our real essense and our divine feminine arts .

As of now your body, your heart, your family and your Earth need a deep and profound healing, which starts with the divine feminine in you. You have accomplished so much, and it is time to come into the full blossom.

Are you ready to be the legend you were born to become?

Luba Saraswati Evans-Zion,
Visionary behind the Program

luba sarswati evans-zion

Luba is the founder of Galiana Meditation Retreat and Theater and co-founder of Lengua Divina Sacred Arts Space - entities that reflect her vision of personal growth, liberation, return of divine feminine, sacred union of feminine and masculine, connection to the source and the idea of living the life as a spiritual practice, a life of service.

Divine Feminine Arts program is a product of Luba's work over 14 years with countless women who came to realize their full potential to Luba's workshops and retreats.

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“I’m still riding the wave from the weekend. I am glowing, and my friends are asking me if I fell in love. I say - Yes, with myself.“ ~Donna Aleksandra Miller, Ph. D

“Thank you very much for all the love and thoughtfulness that you put in this program. I feel supported and held with my sis-stars” ~ Angela Ketchari, L.M. T.

“I really appreciate how wisely this program was organized and how much effort you put in this.“ ~ Rita Stone

“I am so grateful for making this so special. I had forgotten how
wonderful it is to make connections with other women. Cannot wait to spread the light.“ ~ Rebecka Katz

“Thank you for being so kind, open, supportive, loving, caring, and thoughtful - everything was so well organized and planned… it felt like
you read my mind and thought of everything I needed/wanted to work on. How did you know?” ~ Maria Chavez

"Luba's teaching has changed my life.
I am a new woman. I am free, strong, powerful and flowing. My partner is asking if you are offering this program for men." ~ Anna Sumlinsky


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